Builder’s Company Branding, Business Card and A4 Brochure


After researching concrete slab houses I made many sketches of several ideas. I tried to explore the ideas the client had in mind, whilst also taking them further.

To speak to the target market the logo had to be modern and polished. The final design pulls together the ideas of a crane, rubik’s cube/blocks, steep hill and challenging puzzle into one cohesive concept.

The business card was designed to reinforce the ‘slope’ concept, and to mirror the geometric angles of the logo which suggest durability, yet a dynamic approach, i.e. to challenges. The cards were printed on a plastic similar to a credit card so that they could withstand the wear and tear of a building site.

I also created an A4 eight page booklet from scratch. The client was unable to supply any written content, so I wrote all the text contained in the information pack, which was compiled from several telephone conversations with the client.